The Holy Spirit in Anglicanism


Dear Ascension Family,

This is our last Monday email for the Ascension Essentials series and my guess is many of you will get it while preparing for your July 4th plans.  I’ve very much enjoyed this series and the dialogue with many of you and as always trust that what is below will stimulate further conversation, community, and growth.

Baptism and Fullness

If you want to read one book on the Holy Spirit’s work from an Anglican perspective you can do no better than John Stott’s Baptism and Fullness, which I referenced yesterday several times.  It’s a classic from this Anglican hero; concise, clear, comprehensive, and all in a book that is not that long!

Dr. J.I. Packer

Speaking of Anglican heroes, J.I. Packer is a revered gift of God to the global church (not just the Anglican church).  You can watch Dr. J.I. Packer answer the question ‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’ in this short video:

East African Revival

I also mentioned the powerful, wonderful, and impactful East African Revival yesterday … you can read more about that from a man named Peter Moore here.

Alpha Ministry

Lastly, I also mentioned Nicky Gumbel and the Alpha ministry, which God has used in phenomenal ways all over the world.  I’d encourage all of you to watch Nicky at work, and to watch one of the new videos they finished last spring here.

God’s blessings on your week and on this country as we seek his face especially on the 4th,


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