Jacob & Anna

Jacob and anna logo with textJacob and Anna live with their two year old son in a large city in the Middle East. It’s a beautiful place with wonderful people, only 0.3% of whom know Jesus. Most have no reference point for who Jesus is other than the misinformation they may hear in the mosque or in the media.

They love building friendships with individuals who have never had a meaningful interaction with a Christian. And they believe that one of the most effective ways of introducing people to Christ is through church planting. Jacob as a pastor and they as a family have been invited by a local Anglican church to help plant a new church in the city. They are thrilled at the opportunity to create a new home for folks to be welcomed in to hear the Word and experience the body of Christ.

Please pray for them for:

  • facility with the local language
  • open hearts in a culture that has been hostile to the Gospel
  • depth of relationships