Sermons By Scripture





Heaven’s Politics: Who Knew Heaven Would Be a Place on Earth?


Scripture: Revelation 21:1-8

Frequently, Christians think of heaven as life on a cloud with a harp in God’s presence. To many of us, this sounds awful. Fortunately, the Bible says much more about the final state of things that God plans to establish when Jesus returns. Heaven and earth will be joined once again, and God will dwell with his people in a new creation free from sin and death. And, yes, Belinda Carlisle, heaven will be a place on earth.



Heaven’s Politics: Imagining the Kingdom


Scripture: Revelation 13:1-14:5

Our day-to-day reality is lived in the shadow of powers and forces that work against the grain of God’s rule. These forces can inhabit ordinary things, like institutions, cultures, songs, or people. Whatever the case, they sell us visions of the good life free from God’s control and authority. This requires diligence on our part to understand the false promises of the good life and to imagine our world in an entirely different way.



Heaven’s Politics: The Open Secret


Scripture: Revelation 10:1-11:13

If we know how a story ends, it relieves the tension we may experience in the middle of the narrative. Our lives work the same way. And, Revelation provides Christians with assurance of the end – God wins and his people triumph. Therefore, we can live with utter confidence, even through the harshest circumstances, that God is working out his purposes thru Jesus Christ.



Heaven’s Politics: An Insider’s Perspective


Scripture: Revelation 4:1-5:14

A quick glance at our world hardly reveals that God rules over all things. Nations ignore him, evil runs rampant, and even his own people are riddled with faults and inconsistencies. Given our harsh reality, is Jesus really King of the kings of the earth? John’s vision offers another perspective on reality – it challenges us to look at our life on earth from the perspective of heaven’s court rather than vice versa. And, he insists that, despite appearances, God is on his throne. And, the slain lamb, Jesus Christ, is ruling the world.