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Dear Ascension Family,

Yesterday we kicked off our 8-week series Ascension Essentials by looking at the powerful, life-giving reality of our God as Trinity, 3-in-1. As we have mentioned, each Monday of the series we’ll be sending an email to introduce an Anglican Hero, connect you to a few follow up resources, and give a few questions for further reflection on your own, over coffee with a friend, roommate or family, or in your ANC’s. Below you’ll find all those ways to connect, learn, engage, and deepen. Feel free to follow up with questions and feedback.

Anglican Hero of the Week: St. Augustine of Canterbury

Are you ever afraid to do something?

On May 26th we celebrate the life of St. Augustine of Canterbury (not to be confused with the more well-known St. Augustine of Hippo). St. Augustine of Canterbury is the Anglican church’s founding Archbishop. By the second-century AD we have written records of Christians living in what we now consider the British Isles, but for several centuries afterwards the church there went through seasons of growth, difficulty, and persecution. Pope Gregory the Great, a man of wide gifts and a passionate heart for people to know Jesus, was burdened by the state of the church and hand-selected Augustine (then the prior of St. Andrews Monastery in Rome) to lead a mission to what we now call England. Augustine’s story reminds me of the life of Timothy in the New Testament; someone with both courage and timidity who faithfully obeys, risks, and is greatly used by God. You can read more about Augustine of Canterbury at the Christian History Institute.


  • Yesterday I mentioned a great article by Kevin DeYoung giving a concise explanation of the doctrine of the Trinity. You can find that article here.
  • I also taught in the latter parts of the sermon on some of what we call the immanent, economic realities of the Trinity; how this reality of God applies to our daily lives. Much of that material I first learned at the feet of Eugene Peterson in my first semester of seminary in a class called “Biblical Spirituality”. If you’d like to read further on this aspect of God’s character the material forms a core grounding for Peterson’s work, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. That work can be found and purchased at
  • I also mentioned a brilliant, comical exploration of the theological implications of the Trinity personified in a conversation by St. Patrick with two local, wise, insightful Irishmen. You can view that and laugh along here.
  • This sermon on “Who is God?” and all other sermons in this series can be found at the Church of the Ascension’s sermon page.

Further Reflection on the Sermon

  • If you grew up attending church what distinctives do you remember and appreciate?
  • Where are passages you see or identify the Trinity (either together or individually)?
  • Who has demonstrated Trinitarian care and guidance to you (i.e. with you, for you, loving, sacrificial, etc…)?
  • Which of the 3 members of the Trinity are you most familiar with? Why? Which the least?
  • When you consider the major ways God works (Father creates, Jesus saves, Holy Spirit forms us for holy living) which do you need most in your life right now? Where?

Keep your ears open for Andy Zipf’s song introduction this Friday, and God’s blessings on your weeks,


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