In our parish, we encourage membership because we believe that it fosters Christian discipleship. Our members agree to live according to our  Membership Covenant, submitting themselves to the life-giving Lordship of Jesus Christ and to one another.

If you desire to join Ascension’s membership, there are four steps to the process.

1. Attend a Newcomers’ Dinner

Several times throughout the year, we hold a Newcomers’ Dinner for anyone interested in learning more about Ascension. It is a casual dinner party in which we share a great meal, get to know one another, and talk about the mission and vision of our church.  This dinner is open to all who would like to learn more about the church, whether or not you intend to pursue membership. To attend, please contact us to reserve a space.

2. Complete Ascension Essentials

After the Newcomer’s Dinner, we offer the Ascension Essentials course for those desiring to learn more about our common faith and life at Ascension. Core theological convictions and commitments are discussed as well as details about Anglicanism. The course involves two sessions meeting on two consecutive Sundays from 2:00 – 3:30 pm. To attend, please contact us to reserve a space.

3. Meet with a Pastor

After completing the Essentials course, if you desire to pursue membership, we invite you to schedule a personal meeting with a pastor. Since we value relationships at Ascension, Dean desires to get to know you and here more about your Christian experience.  If you have completed the Essentials course, please contact Dean to schedule a time to talk.

4. Sign Covenant & Take Vows

The final step in becoming a member of Ascension is to sign the Membership Covenant and to take membership vows during a worship service. We schedule membership vows roughly three times a year, normally a few weeks after the Essentials course. This is not the same commitment as confirmation, but it is a commitment to the leadership and people of this parish. If you would like more information on confirmation, please see To be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism.

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