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We all need a place to belong. We all need to know and be known, to make friends and be a friend. We all want to find a way to live for God in hard times and easy times. We all need a group of people to trust, who will look out for us and help us to go on living for Jesus Christ. And these can be hard needs to meet here in Northern Virginia; this is an exciting place to live, and often transiency and short-stays are a big part of this dynamism.

For a deeper and fuller life we encourage you to join an ANC as soon as possible (no matter how long you think you may be here)!

At Ascension, we meet throughout the week for support and mission in what we call “Ascension Neighborhood Communities”, or ANCs. People gather in these communities all over the area; it may be in a home in Alexandria, in a pub in Arlington, or in a workplace in Falls Church. No two groups look exactly the same, but every ANC shares the same DNA: a commitment to an upward movement toward God; an inward movement to identify and support those within the group; and an outward movement to represent Christ in the group’s neighborhood context.

The commitment to “Up, In, Out” is expressed uniquely in each group, but you will usually find about a dozen people in a group and a typical evening includes worship, prayer, studying the Bible and sharing food together.

Neighborhood communities for the fall start the week of January 22. Click through the links below to find a neighborhood community near you!

If you have not already signed up for a group, please contact the neighborhood community leader through our ANC contact form. On that same contact form, you may also reach out to Morgan Reed with any general questions or for help in finding an appropriate community.

Are you leading an ANC?

Check out our leader resources page for leader guides and other helpful tools.

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