Anglicanism: Global and Local


Dear Ascension Family,
Summer is finally here! All our kids are finally out of school, summer camps are cranking up, the heat index is rising and any access to a pool is welcome. Below is our next-to-last Monday email sent as a follow up to our Ascension Essentials sermon series, this week giving you ways to connect to some of global Anglican brothers and sisters. I pray these links are a blessing.

Charles Simeon

First, yesterday I mentioned Charles Simeon, the rector of Holy Trinity, Cambridge for fifty years. Simeon was a part of a revival and resurgence in the Anglican Communion that really continues today; he taught Cambridge students how to preach, he started several mission societies that sought to love all manner of people to Jesus, and weathered significant opposition at his church early on. You can read more about Simeon here.

The Clapham Sect and William Wilberforce

Second, you almost can’t understand present-day Anglicanism without knowing about the men and women who made up the Clapham Sect, a group Simeon was a part of at a distance but one that is especially known for leading the abolition of slavery in England. The group’s best known member was William Wilberforce, a member of Parliament and remarkable man. His life was made into a movie several years ago (the cast of which includes a young Benedict Cumberbatch as Wilberforce’s good friend William Penn) called “Amazing Grace” which can be found many places, including on Amazon Prime here.

Hannah More

Third, one of the more remarkable members of the Clapham Sect (so named because the chose to live near each other in the Clapham part of London) was a woman named Hannah More. More was a writer and lover of the poor, and recently a very well-regarded biography was written about her by Karen Swallow Prior. Prior, an English professor at Liberty University, has written for groups as disparate as The Gospel Coalition and The Atlantic. You can find her work for The Atlantic.

And, the More biography here.

The Right Reverend Dr. D. Zac Niringiye

Fourth, many, many, many of the real heroes of Anglicanism over the last 25 years are Anglicans leading God’s people on other continents. Let me connect you to one. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of hearing and breaking bread with the Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Zac Niringiye, a wonderful preacher, scholar, and former bishop in his home country of Uganda. Rt. Rev. Dr. Niringiye has spent the past several years being a thorn in the side of corruption while pushing for justice in Uganda, at risk to his life and safety. You might want to follow his Twitter feed at @dzniringiye. He recently gave the graduation speech at Wheaton College, and you can find the link to that speech on the feed.

Anglican Relief and Development Fund

And finally, part of our local concern for our global Anglican family is applied through our partnering with the Anglican Relief and Development Fund. ARDF does great work around the world and recently posted a video narrated by my friend Bill Haley that asks and answers the question “What does it mean to be Anglican?”. I think you’ll find it looks at our local and global family well. You can see that video and several others about the great work ARDF is doing here or on our International Missions page dedicated to our partnership with ARDF.

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