A Sad and Tragic Week

Dear Ascension Family,

I’m writing to you from a hotel room in Utica, NY, after my arrival this evening from a full-day of driving before I pick our oldest up from summer camp Saturday morning. It was a long drive but gave me the opportunity to pray and consider, like I’m sure many of you, the horrible events of this week in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, and Dallas. I wanted to send three quick thoughts.

First, I’d encourage us all to spend some time asking for God’s forgiveness and listening. We can confess the ways we objectify and hate in our hearts, especially the often all too simple assumptions and prejudices we make around race. As Christians who give attention to Advent we can acknowledge without reservation our need for God’s mercy and in-breaking to be sure. And, we can listen, as most of our parish at this time is Caucasian. Put yourself in the shoes of those created in God’s image who are of a different ethnicity than you and consider what this week might have been like for them.

Second, I’d commend to you two online pieces to read. The first is the statement made today by Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General. I had a chance to hear her give it on NPR as I drove and found it brilliant and powerful. You can find it in written form here.

The second piece I found challenging was by Alan Jacobs, a Humanities professor at Baylor. You can read his remarks here.

Third, I’d welcome your prayers. Over two months ago when I laid out the sermon series we start on Sunday evening I chose this distinctive of God’s people for this week: God’s People are Marked by being Wonderfully Multi-Ethnic. Whew; this gospel-imperative is certainly needed, and daunting. I’d appreciate your prayers as I prepare to share God’s Word on this part of his heart, in the midst of this heart-breaking week.

Thanks so much, and hope to throw a frisbee to many of you Sunday morning,


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  1. sophie wrote on July 29, 2016 at 9:54 pm

    I appreciate you!! When will others see the importance of this in our world? So much useless pain and cruelty over “race”. We are all the same race: human. Thank you for your heart. We need this now! I am a white female halfway through a century of living. When I see Black people I see so much pain and rejection. It is really awful. We need all to have this awareness and take them into our hearts, with love.