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Lenten Reflection: Judi Deatherage

By Judi Deatherage

Hello Ascension family, I wanted to share a unique experience for me this Lent that is shaping how I reflect on Jesus. From March 28th to April 7th I will be in Israel and at the West Bank.  I’ll be on a pilgrimage led by two Northern Virginia-based NGO’s (Telos and Coracle), learning about the… Read More »



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Thoughts from Lent thus far…

By Dean Miller

One of the great gifts of my young life was reading the Los Angeles Times sports sections for years and years.  I started reading it every day my freshman year of high school and was treated by some incredibly insightful, witty, and poetic writing. One of my favorites was a weekly column by a man… Read More »



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Lenten Mission Reflections

By Angela Weston

Lent and Missions This past week we entered the season of Lent as a church family. At Ascension, Lent and world missions have always been connected because it is during this season that we take an offering to give to an international ministry. Lent is a time for us to cut back and to simplify our… Read More »



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Pascal’s Pensées: Addressing the modern skeptic from the mid 1600s

By Morgan Reed

Pascal’s Pensées Blaise Pascal was a brilliant scientist who had a deeply Christ-centered faith, making him a puzzle to moderns. A contemporary of Montagne and Descartes, he agreed with the former’s view of the human condition, but rejected the latter’s view on the primacy of reason. His Pensées (thoughts) are a collection of about 1000 notes that he… Read More »